I am planning to travel to Cambodia so I have began my preparations for the trip. Part of my preparations included making more produce bags from old t shirts. While my previous attempt at this, was mostly no sew, this time sewing is included!

This time, I wanted to make a draw-string bag out of an old t shirt and a simple little produce bag out of a tank top. If you find videos easier to follow, check mine out here.

Tank Top Produce Bag

First thing you need to do : pick a tank top you no longer want. Turn it inside out. Secure two sides of the tank top together with pins, or don’t. Then start sewing along the bottom of the tank top.

I honestly do not have the best sewing tips, but I since the tank top is inside out, it does not matter what the sewing actually looks like.

T-shirt into a Draw String Bag

First step is to pick a t-shirt which does not have a design above the armpits, otherwise it will be cut off.

Second step is to cut in a straight line from one armpit to another. Just like in my previous attempt, I used my feet to hold the shirt steady.

Third Step is to turn the shirt inside out.

Fourth Step is to cut a hole in the seam, and to thread your chosen string through it. Since its hard to thread through the entire circumference of the t shirt, I decided to cut a small hole halfway down the middle, and then again on the edge seem, to pull the thread through in smaller sections.

Fifth Step thread it through the entire way. Protip : use your scissors to pull the thread through the seam.

Sixth Step Sew the opposite end of the t-shirt in a straight line. If you want to strengthen that seam, go over it back and forth a couple of times. If you have a sewing machine, it will probably end up much better than mine.

Seventh Step turn the shirt, well now its a bag, the right way out and pull on the draw string. There is your new produce draw string bag!

Eighth Step : Feel extremely proud of what you have accomplished! Reuse, reduce, recycle. By making your own produce bags, you do not only reuse your old clothes, but you also decrease the amount of plastic used. We do not need any more plastic in this world, so come join this fight for our planet!