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Why Zero Waste Beauty?

While the beauty industry has been attempting to minimize its waste, with some 2.8 million pieces of beauty waste collected and upcycled, it still acounts for an enormous amount of material ending up in landfills.

Considering a lot of the packaging is non recyclable and the industry is worth some $195 billion dollars, the landfills are surely teeming from everything from shampoos, moisturisers, toothpastes, make up and hair sprays. If you wish to completely eliminate at least one part of this, an option is to go no poo. Check out my transition from addiction to hair products to now being seven months shampoo, conditioner, hair spray free!

What I have not given up on, and am certainly not planning, is toothpaste. All commercial toothpastes come in single use packaging which is impossible to recycle. These single use plastics are one of the greatest enemies our earth is facing, with every single piece of plastic ever made still in a landfill or floating around the ocean, I have written about this topic many times, but if you’re interested feel free to check it out here.

These are all the reasons that brought me to Zero Waste Beauty Australia, a newly opened business which supports vegan and zero waste ideals. The exact combination of what I was looking for. I had the good fortune to speak with the founder Thalia, who gladly sent over some products for me to test out. I ended up getting two toothpastes, two deodorants and a body scrub. Ever since then I was impatiently waiting for the mail to arrive.

Zero Waste Beauty Australia

A revolutionary idea to minimise the strain on our planet by using 100% natural, Australian Made, vegan, cruelty free, packaged in glass with biodegradable labels. The containers themselves are adorable and once empty can either be refilled (if you are lucky enough to live in Melbourne or near a ZWBA recycling program) or used for a new purpose.

While currently Zero Waste Beauty Australia only stocks deodorants, toothpastes, scrubs and toothbrushes, the five year plan will hopefully see them expand into hair care (for people who haven’t tackled no poo yet) and even more beauty products.

The selection they have, presented in beautifully simple photographs, can meet anyone’s taste. The adorable flower petals and ingredients around the jar just give a hint of the all natural ingredients within. Trust me, the smells are unparalleled.

Alright, lets get into the products.

The Products

I had a difficult time chosing which products I wanted to try, as they all sound incredible, but with my friend Caitlin we decided to settle on a range to get the best experience.

Toothpastes :

Activated Charcoal and Peppermint

This toothpaste is meant to have special whitening properties from the charcoal. We have all seen the facebook advertisements of girls with black mouths promoting various types with charcoal. INSTANT TEETH WHITENING they claim. The combination in this toothpaste with peppermint gives it a familiar taste and distracts from the grainy consistency. The teeth whitening has proved true though.

The product itself is difficult to put onto your toothbrush, and impossible to keep on the brush if you’re the type of person who wets their toothbrush with toothpaste. It also requires some sort of utensil, you can definitely also use your finger (guilty here!).

My friend who purchased the product has been using it regularly for over a month and absolutely loves it.

Lemon and Eucalyptus Toothpaste

This toothpaste has a powerful and beautiful smell, unfortunately, just like anyone who has ever tried to eat a flower or any leaf, the taste is a little better. This is most likely my fault considering I mistranslated eucalyptus to mint? I do not even remember correctly, but I should have assumed that eucalyptus had a more tart taste.

The consistency is quite grainy as well, making the product fall off the toothbrush easily. It is even less smooth than the charcoal giving a feeling of brushing the mouth with lemony grains and your own saliva. While over the past month I have become more accustomed to the taste, I still personally prefer a more minty toothpaste. After all, colgate has conditioned me to like it my whole life.

Deodorant :

Lavender Deodorant Cream

Have you ever had lavender grow in your garden? Because opening up this jar is like bringing in the flowers to dry and place all around your bedroom. The colour is white, but it might as well be that beautiful lavender purple as the imagery the smell evokes makes up for it.

As a deodorant, it goes on smooth and dries almost completely clear. It has a small white residue similar to most commercial deodorants. After five hours, the smell remains there, but some reapplication is required to mask body odour. The perfect daily deodorant if you are not planning a heavy working out session.

Tea Tree and Peppermint Deodorant Cream

This deodorant smells more like I would expect a toothpaste to smell, as hinted by the name, the peppermint has an overwhelming aroma. I feel like a walking after eight whenever I put this on.

Unlike the lavender deodorant, this one is slightly harder, requiring some coaxing to get out of the jar. This is at a mild 18 degrees, I am certain that in summer time the cream would be much more easily applicable.

I do think the peppermint lasts longer than the lavender deodorant, making it more suited to hotter days or more intense work outs.

Scrub :

Cinnamon and Sugar Body Scrub

Have you ever had a beauty product that you have wanted to eat? Because until now I have never understood my friends in childhood eating their toothpastes, girls fawning over some scented lip balms or being tempted by anything else in my  bathroom. Until this cinnamon and sugar scrub.

Maybe this is because it is made out of two of my favourite food ingredients, but mainly it shows me how packed with good stuff this little jar is. The smell hits you like an avalanche and in combination with the exfoliating sugar crystals, the scent drifts to your nostrils in tantalising streams.

My skin has felt extremely smooth, no additional break outs have occurred and I absolutely loving the feeling of using this scrub. This is the product I would highly recommend to anyone. While its slightly more expensive at 21$ it comes in a bigger container than the other products a whole 120g!

I have joked several times about eating it, but really, do not do it. While it does have fully natural ingredients, it also has Natural Castile Soap which is not recommended for consumption.

Over all, I have been extremely impressed with the products I have tested from this brand new company. I would love to hear your thoughts about the topic! Would you spend the extra money to get a vegan, zero waste product?

Remember you are contributing to a small business rather than multi million dollar companies with sketchy motives and unknown chemical ingredients. I have personally never been too fussed about the composition of my products, however feeling and smelling the quality of all natural, local ingredients I do not think I will be returning to buying mass produced beauty products.

Just one more step towards zero waste! Thank you infinitely to Thalia for the opportunity to try these wonderful creations.