When I became vegan seven months ago I met a lot more resistance than what I experience now. Coming back home to Geneva I have been nervous about telling my friends that this previous carnivore has transitioned happily to the herbivore life. I had filmed a bit of a rant about my thoughts on celebrities becoming vegan available here.

Surprisingly the complete opposite met me on the banks of the lake. At least three of my friends have told me that they’re on their own journey towards veganism, while almost every other person has proudly told me how much less meat they eat now.

This honestly should not come as a shock to me, considering that veganism is one of the fastest growing movements in the world. It has touched the hearts of any environmentalist, animal lovers and health enthusiasts. With the amount of information available right at our finger tips, the constant stream of documentaries on netflix and vegan products booming in our supermarkets : its not hard to imagine that the general public has to be joining the movement.

If you are still unsure about what the fuss is about here is a list of awesome resources you should check out. Trust me. Its worth it.

Environmental Lovers :

Cowspiracy – Documentary discussing the environmental impacts of animal agriculture. Very little gore.

Before The Flood – The horrendous depiction of where our earth is at now in terms of climate change, deforestation and pollution.

Plastic Ocean – While this is not strictly related to veganism, it definitely touches upon the aspect of conscious minimising of harm to animals and our earth.

Health Lovers :


Forks Over Knives – my favourite and one of the most comprehensive explanations and scientific reasoning for transitioning to plant based diet.

Vegucated – Three People, Six weeks, one challenge. Showing that if anyone tries it, there’s really no other outcome than becoming vegan.


The Starch Solution – Dr John Mcdougall

A doctor who has dedicated the last fourty years to curing people with obesity, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and a plethora of other conditions. His refusal to use pharmaceuticals and instead opting for diet and life style changes has resulted in him being taken off programs at obesity conferences. I hate to think there are conspiracies, but maybe all the big pharma sponsors do not like methods of healing patients that actually work?

The China Study – Thomas M. Campbell, T. Colin Campbell

The most comprehensive study of nutrition ever conducted. Implications of diet, weight-loss and long term health. This study focuses on various regions of china, their main diets and their rates of diseases from cancer to obesity. This study provides evidence of what eating meat and dairy does to human bodies, and what eating majority plants means.

Animal Lovers


Earthlings – If you’re going to support the meat industry, or the pet trade, you HAVE to watch this. If you’re able to sit through this documentary and continue to consume meat and dairy, honestly, go for it. I do think it is our social responsibility to own up to what our choices mean. Long gone are the days where you would walk your own animal to the slaughter and then feed your family for weeks. (If you still do that, I have no arguments)

Spearfishing Fish

This was part of the reason that even after going vegetarian I would eat fish that I had caught myself. Spear fishing is very satisfying and in my perspective a lot more fair than abattoirs and hunting with guns. I stopped this way of thinking when I started learning about how serious over fishing has become. Our oceans are dying.

Eating Plants

When you have the perfect ability to live plant based and the only thing you’re truly missing is…. the taste??

Which nowadays can be easily replaced with lab grown meats or faux meat products. I honestly think more and more people are seeing it this way.

I never thought I’d be the one saying it, but so far this experiment is leaving me with no doubts that veganism is the way forward.

Anyways, that’s my post for today. I can thank the internet and many passionate individuals for spreading the plant powered message. What do you think about it? Is it a fad?