So it is finally here! I have been working on this program for a little while now and I am ready to unveil it to the world.


Along my journey I have found many people who were.. sceptical to say the least. So I put it on you! Why not try eating plant based for 21 days and see what your body tells you after wards?


I have been going through the transition myself and can honestly tell you the best and worst case scenarios.

Best Case Scenario

What to expect from transitioning from whatever life style to a plant based diet?

  • Higher energy levels
  • Reduced cravings for sweet things
  • Clearer Skin
  • Faster and more regular digestion (the honest truth is that this point will be the most visible in your transition, and it is also the point least discussed in society)
    • Not only will your body acclimate to a regular digestion : going to the toilet much more regularily (Like Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory)
    • You will also have a flatter stomach
    • Easier bowel movements (I had to say it! I’m sorry! After one month of me quitting meat, I all of a sudden realised I had basically been constipated for 21 years. Again. Sorry)
  • You lose weight! ( I lost 6kg in the first six months I transitioned to veganism.. so maybe 1kg in 21 days?)
  • You save money $$$

Worst Case Scenario

  • You would have made an enormous difference for the environment! Every DAY that you are vegan you save
    • One to Three animals lives
    • 8 square meters of a forest
    • 12,492 liters of water
    • 54kg of grain
    • 27kg of Carbon Dioxide.
    • If you are unsure of where I got these numbers, just check out “Is eating Beef the cause of climate change?” Which explains how resource intensive raising cattle is.
  • You have experimented with new recipes and expanded your repertoire
  • You are able to incorporate plant based meals amongst your usual diet
  • You have gained knowledge about the environment, nutrition and animal welfare

Either way, attempting this 21 day experiment is a fantastic challenge to decrease your carbon footprint, reset your health.

Think of it as a cleanse : instead of forcing down juices every day and going hungry to bed. You will be eating an enormous amount of fruits and vegetables in a variety of forms! I promise you will not go hungry.

My Experience

The past nine months have taught me a lot about my body and about the world. I have been llosing weight ( just check out above how huge my shorts are on me). Plants have helped my body continously  get fitter despite a horrendous back injury which has not allowed me anywhere near a gym. All the exercise I have been able to do is

  1. Swimming
  2. SM System (A resistance training workout prescribed by my incredible Physiotherapist)

I have never gone to bed hungry, constantly snacking on.. basically anything plant based. Personally, I avoid process foods and oil in general. I could therefore say I focus on a whole foods plant based diet, which is what this program centers about.

I hope I have answered at least partially why go vegan.. basically everything else on this website gives you the other 1001+ reasons. I cannot wait to have you join me on this journey!