Googling vegan food in Cambodia came up with a whole bunch of results, without any actual restaurants I could find. Luckily, in my experience I found several places which are happy to accommodate for vegan food. Check out what I ate in a day here. Here are the best vegan friendly delicious restaurants.

Sandbank – Koh Rong

Sandbank is a grass shack. From a distance you can see the large roof amongst the palm trees with beach chairs and kayaks in front. The appearance may give an impression of layed back basic foods, but you open the menu to the complete opposite.

After our friends raved about it continuously I decided we had to give it a try. Sure enough, every meal from there is an absolute cacophony of flavours, fresh produce and low prices. I feel guilty to say, that I ate there every single day that I was on Koh Rong. Did not even give another place a shot, that’s how convincing this food is!

The Food

My recommendations are definitely :

  1. Cashew Nut Stir Fry
  2. Ginger Stir Fry
  3. Massaman Peanut Curry

The chefs work quickly and pair the delicious food with a spectacular view and an assortment of games for before and after the meal. There is no wifi available which encourages guests to get to know each other and play some beach games.

Vegan Dao Cafe

A  little gem in Sinoukville above a fancy Turkish restaurant right near the water the Dao of Life. While the food is slightly more expensive than Sandbank on Koh Rong, the vegan selection is exquisite.

The calming atmosphere with comfortable seats and cute pillows, a clothes swap and exchange and most importantly : Reusable straws!! This fact alone had me sold on the cafe, because as you know, eliminating plastic is one of my greatest priorities.

The food was diverse and over the two days I tried almost all the meals available.

The Food

While every single menu item I tried was scrumptious, the top three stand outs definitely were  :

  1. Make Falafel Not war
  2. The Abundance Bowl
  3. Cheesy Nachos


Falafel in Sinoukville

The last, and most accidental vegan food I found in Sinoukville was the Falafel. It was a little shop on the main street, which was unusually crowded so I decided to check it out. What greeted us was a menu filled with incredible choices of falafel and hummus.

Falafel wraps, hummus wraps, plates of falafel, salads and just about anything you want.

I did not take any photos because it was late at night, however I cannot recommend this place enough. The prices are reasonable around 4$ per falafel. Between 5-7 they have a happy hour with discounts! Make sure to go.