my vegan experiment how to make vegan pancakes

This weeks recipe is probably my favourite, and most exciting veganised meal! VEGAN CREPES! I finally managed to make them, and if I may say so myself, they are even better than their non vegan counterparts! Check out the video HERE!

Full recipe as always is found below, all you will need is these four ingredients, and salt.

  • 250 ml of your favourite plant based milk
  • 1 can worth of chickpea juice
  • around 1.5 cups of flour ( depending how thick you like them)
  • cinnamon
  • salt

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl, I eventually adjust the mixture by adding some flour or milk dependent on how thin or runny it is. You want it to be runny enough to nicely spread on your pan but not so thin that it will tear apart when you are trying to turn it.

To cook :

Step 1:

Make sure your pan is heated up nicely (you’ll know it’s hot enough when a little drop of the mixture sizzles when it comes into contact.)

Step 2:

Pour a ladle worth of pancake mixture and swoosh the pan around to cover the whole surface. (remember, there is always a bad first pancake so do not stress!)

Step 4:

Wait until you see edges turning light brown to attempt to turn it over. Carefully prod it from all sides ensuring it comes off clear.

Step 5:


Step 6:

Wait until the other side cooks.

Step 7 :

Serve with your favourite fillings.


My personal favourite fillings include :

banana, kiwi, berries, jam, Greek yogurt, cinnamon and maple syrup! So much fruity goodness! There is no sugar in this recipe and allows you to eat scrumptious pancakes guilt free!