On this Roadtrip, one of the easiest meals to make (since BBQs are so abundant in Australia) is a vegan Barbecue. My two existing videos are document the stretches from Brisbane to Sydney and Sydney to Melbourne!

Vegan barbecues have been my saviours on many occasions, as every caravan park and many parks have public barbecues! Its very easy, and delicious. I will be making a youtube video : What I eat in a day

First you will need a whole bunch of veggies. I am aiming to make stuffed mushrooms, crunchy aspargus, grilled sweetcorn, roasted potatoes with vegan tzatziki. (the lettuce is an optional salad.


For the Stuffed mushrooms, I finely chopped

  • 2 gloves of carlic
  • 1/2 whole tomato or 4 cherry tomatoes
  • 50g of vegan biocheese

A long with salt and pepper, add these three ingredients with some salt and pepper. If you have some paprika seasoning, you can throw that in.

Shuck the corn, wrap the potatoes in aluminium foil and wash the Aspargus.


Now place them on the Barbie and crack open your favourite beverage. Now I’m not a big drinker anymore, but i was thinking the other day : what alcohol is vegan? I will have to look into that.




Always make sure to put the potatoes on the bbq first as they take the longest to cook. You want them to be soft when poked with a fork. Corn should have a nice grilled finish, mushrooms browned and aspargus tender after 12-15 minutes.

Vegan Tzatziki are some of my favourite substitutes for butter and sour cream (which used to be a staple with my potatoes). Easily made with vegan yogurt, cucumber, garlic and salt and pepper.