So since its 2017, there are many vegan options of food out there! Companies like Quorn have made everything from vegan shnitzels, nuggest etc. There are companies which make vegan sausages, beef, chicken and even fish. I have been to a few restaurants which have used vegetable protein as ‘nuggets’ in sweet and sour which was amazing!!

I wanted to try Quorn’s Vegan Shnitzel for the first time, and make a little video about  it. I also give you a little insight on one of my favourite sauces : Tzaziki.

I have been a little doubtful about trying fake meats because I am the biggest fan of whole foods. I generally like sticking to eating things where I can see all the ingredients.

So for this try, I decided to make a twist on the typical wrap :


Tzaziki Recipe


  • Cucumber
  • Greek Vegan Yogurt
  • Salt
  • Pepper

To make this easy version of tzaziki, just mix the ingredients for the perfect creamy yet refreshing sauce on your wrap, salad or sandwich.

So once I added all the ingredients into the delicious Lebanese bread, topped it off with some salt and pepper I was ready to try fake chicken for the first time.

VERDICT : It tasted like chicken… Suspiciously like chicken.

I even ate a little slice outside of the wrap and found the following :

Spectacular, soft, breaking off, tendon-less, creamy, guilt free, sweet after taste bite of crumbed goodness.

If you crave any meat, quorn has managed to make a delicious alternative which might taste even better than the real thing. (And this is coming from someone who ate chicken like I breathed air).