Do you want more from 2018?

Do you love your body?

  • Are you craving more energy?
  • Better sleep?
  • Clearer skin?
  • Easier digestion?
  • Lose a few extra kgs?

Do you love the environment?

  • Want to the make the singular greatest impact for the planet?
  • Halve your carbon footprint?
  • Slow climate change and help save rain-forests and coral reefs?
  • Slow the next mass extinction?

That’s why you have to join this food revolution.

vegan food cambodia


What’s The Plan?

Three weeks to verify the benefits of a plant based diet

Detailed and well balanced meal plans

A personal journal to keep track of progress.

Daily updates, exchanges and practical tips

Extensive list of complementary and scientifically verified resources

Fun challenges

Regular videos and tutorials

A friendly, supportive and non-judgemental environment.

The Food

Spend ONE hour of prep time and have all your meals for the week ready to go!

Individually adjusted meals.

Five diverse breakfasts to choose from

Detailed grocery-shopping guide

List of plant based snacks

A variety of tasty non dairy desserts

Save time, thought and money!

Three Weeks, Three Themes

Learn about the motivations behind going plant based

Dive into discussions with fellow vegan students

Utilize documentary, Scientific paper and website resources

Gain understanding about the physical changes your body is going through

Appreciate plant power and relearn how to style your plate


Become The Best Version Of Yourself



Environmentally Conscious


Powered by plants

Are you ready to transform your life now?



Experiment with the plant based diet for 21 days and see the changes for yourself. January 1st!

The only personalised, interactive, community supportive transformation program. Which prioritises YOU and YOUR goals.

A unique program that ensures you have contact with fellow experimenters, frequent ‘live’ posts from me and a feeling of solidarity. We are in this together!

All of this for a limited time only : 2$ a day.

42$ for an inclusive vegan transition or cleanse.

If you wish to support the cause, and round off the price to a total of 50$, chose the option below.