Saturday Farmer's Market

Saturday Farmer’s Market

My favourite thing about not working on Saturday’s anymore, is I get to attend the Davies Park Market in West End. This is where I get all my week’s shopping of my fruit and veg, from local businesses, at low prices in a great atmosphere!


Saturday Farmer's Market

Saturday Farmer’s Market

There is so much choice of delicious greens, organic fruits even vegetables grown to classical music! You can speak to the food producers directly, and find your favourite stalls and prices. Australian supermarkets sell 98% of locally grown fruit and vegetables, or so they claim. Here is some more information about where its really from.

A person’s footprint is dominated by product emissions, and food transport takes up food emissions up to the point of sale. This means that what you eat is more important than where it comes from. Eating seasonally is a much better way to control your food footprint. If you live in the USA here is a helpful break down.

Food miles in perspective

Carbon Emissions of Food

Eating seasonally ensures that the food you buy didn’t have to be grown in greenhouses (which takes more energy than outdoor farms) or had to be transported over long distances. It is always good to try find out which food’s are in season in your area and try stick to those.

In Australia, it is currently winter, therefore the seasonal vegetables here are :

Generally, you can tell what seasonal vegetables and fruits are by their prices. I got this box of fruits and vegetables for 25$!

This should last me at least a week. Lots of avocados for protein, bananas for potassium, mint for delicious water, passion fruits and kiwi’s for snacks and a whole bunch of vegetables for cooking!

Davies Market Shopping

Fruit and Vegetables for 25$!

The market allowed me to grab locally produced fruit and vegetables, at a reasonable price without using any single use plastic. Staying strong with Plastic Free July! This is one of the cardboard boxes discarded from the market, I like to carry around my groceries and then keep my recycling in it once I get home. Now I get to enjoy some fresh fruit as a snack, before eating a big bowl of Vegetable Pasta!

Vegan Snack

Vegan Snack. I love seasonal kiwi and passion fruits!