I have officially been vegan for a year, technically over a year now, and my vegan experiment is a year old. Hear all about what what the plan is for next year! I began this journey to see what effect eating plant based would have on my body and mind.  This next year however, I have set myself a new goal to reach! I’m keeping this website

Thoughts On Veganism

My thoughts on eating plant based stabilized over 10 months ago, when I originally felt the enormous difference in my body. I quickly lost 8kg, my digestion process stabilized, my skin cleared up and I have felt more energetic than ever before.

Just check out my six month video below :

There are so many benefits of a vegan diet  ranging from the personal changes I experienced mentioned above, to the decreased environmental footprint and the amount of animal lives I saved.

Check out your environmental impact on the vegan calculator.

It’s a funny way to think about it considering the animals were skilled killed, put on shelves and then potentially even thrown out, but 2017 has proved to be the biggest year of veganism so far.

Veganism in 2017

While just about every major news agency has published data documenting the rise of veganism worldwide, predicting an increase of plant based milk sales, vegan meat and cheese sales, but no websites actually have the data presented anywhere. While it is extremely hard to calculate the amount of vegans there are in the world, the increasing plant based industries however do give us a good indication that documentaries such as Cowspiracy, What The Health and Earthlings have truly helped people open their eyes to the food industry. If you’re wanting to watch some environmental documentaries, check out some of there.

I have spent this last year researching, making videos, writing articles and putting together this website to help promote a more environmental way of living. Next year, to continue my path to a more eco life I will be moving to Greece to work on Mazi Farm.

Mazi Farm

Mazi farm is working to develop a regenerative model of agriculture, by imitating nature and restore degraded land. Beyond just functioning as a farm, Mazi is also focusing on becoming a knowledge hub and gaining education through experimenting with various techniques! I am very excited to be part of Mazi Science, and helping on create infographics and further information for people to live eco. Similar to my guide to go plastic free which you can get here!


I have been toying with this idea for almost a year now, and finally feel ready to give it a try. I’m going to be releasing a fortnightly podcast starting in February featuring some of the wonderful people I have met in all corners of conservation. Including veganism, I will have guests who focus on ocean conservation, regenerative agriculture, plastic free living and zero waste. Keep up to date with all my progress by following me on instagram or joining the mailing list here!