What Is Minimalism?

One thing I have been seeing a lot of online, is Minimalism. With Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus bringing minimalism into the foreground with their Netflix Documentary the movement has been picking us speed. I decided to use some of the methodology for my latest packing for six months of life!

“Minimalism is a tool that can assist you in finding freedom. Freedom from fear. Freedom from worry. Freedom from overwhelm. Freedom from guilt. Freedom from depression. Freedom from the trappings of the consumer culture we’ve built our lives around. Real freedom.”

Quoted directly from the Minimalists themselves.

The say that by owning less, and ownig only things you truly love, use and need you free up yourself to live a better, richer and more concious life. Here are some of the other benefits from their website:

  • Eliminate our discontent
  • Reclaim our time
  • Live in the moment
  • Pursue our passions
  • Discover our missions
  • Experience real freedom
  • Create more, consume less
  • Focus on our health
  • Grow as individuals
  • Contribute beyond ourselves
  • Rid ourselves of excess stuff
  • Discover purpose in our lives

I can certainly feel the draw of this freedom, especially if you consider how many bikinis I own :

Am I a Hoarder?

I grew up with closets bursting with clothes and more toys than I could carry. I know this because I used to create emergency fire drills in my room to see how many, and which toys I would save in case of a fire. Yeah, I have always been a planner. In the past 4 years however, owning many things stopped being as appealing as it once was when I was a young child. I have moved around 13 times since 2012 which has made me a very good packer and a hater of the many possessions I own.

Decluttering My Life


I decided that its time to cull things. When in previous moves, my giant red suitcase would only house around 2/3 of my clothes and none of my shoes, this year I managed to fit all of my clothes and shows inside of it! Considering how huge it is, many minimalists may not see this as a great achievement. (I certainly cannot say I own 34 pieces of clothing as many others boast in youtube videos). I want to make sure I only have the things that truly bring me joy, are necessary and useful.
Considering the sports I do : Scuba Diving, Free diving, Biking, Skiing, Snowboarding, Tennis and Horse Riding many of my belongings are simply the required equipment for the sports. Do real minimalists not do sport? I decided to at least split my sporting equipment into what I would leave back home in France : Tennis, Horse Riding and the snowsports and what I would continue to drag along with me : Diving and my bike. I also own a car and am an avid four wheel driver so I also own the bits and bobs that go along with that.
Basically, if I were to eliminate all my hobbies and the accompanying books and equipment I could truly just own one suitcase. But alas.

Moving To Cambodia

Since I decided to move to Cambodia, due to the draw of the warm weather, unknown marine biodiversity, artificial coral reefs and coral surveys, I thought this would be a perfect time to pack only the absolute necessities and see how I go. So watch here to see everything I packed in true minimalism fashion for six months!

I decided to break it down into categories :

Scuba Diving Gear

• Scubapro Hydros Pro Bouyancy Control Device
• Scubapro Mk25 and S600 Regulators
• Scubapro Solo Mask
• Beuchat Maxflux Mask
• Booties
• Seawing Nova Fins
• Scubapro Pyroflex Thermal Suit
• Knife
• Reef Fish slates x4
• Identification Cards
• Jingle
• Safety Sausage
• Dive Computer
You see what I mean? And these are just the bare necessities for scuba diving. Apart from the extra mask, that is all I need to go diving with!


• Zero Waste DIY Bug Repellent
• Zero Waste Toothpaste (Eucalyptus and Lemon Myrtle)
• Zero Waste Deodorant (Peppermint)
• ZW Face Scrub ( Cinnamon and Sugar)
• Environmental Toothbrush x4
• Sunscreen (random left over one)
• Dustpan and Brush
• Dishwashing Brush
• Reusable Water Bottle
• Sewing Kit
• Reusable Bags
• Notepads and Pens

This is all possible to buy overseas, however if I already have it at home, why not just bring it along?


• Laptop
• Phone
• Camera
• Respective Chargers
Why are there always so many cables in the world?


• 3x tshirts
• 3x shorts
• 3x tank top
• Skirt
• Dress
• Nice Tanktop
• 6x bikini
• Longsleeve
• Hoodie
• Rain Jacket
• Cap

While I might have quite a few tops, considering it is the rainy season in Cambodia, I am counting on many things to be wet daily, therefore requiring several alternatives to remain dry! You may notice I am not bringing any socks or underwear but that is due to no need of those in Cambodia, and my bikinis will serve just as well for underwear!
Overall I am pretty happy with my packing, unfortunately I still think I am over weight! How is that always possible? When I arrive in Cambodia I am looking forward to building a home where I can be minimalist and comfortable. Considering how huge of an issue waste is on the island, just check out some of the beach clean ups and ocean clean ups I’ve participated in, I will be tirelessly working for a zero waste lifestyle.
I cant wait to share the transformation from whatever I end up picking to live in to the final product! Stay tuned!