Somewhere in the depths of the internet I found an article that you can regrow certain vegetables from the scraps in your kitchen. Considering mostly everything I eat is vegetables, I thought why not try and maybe save a few dollars in the process. You can see the whole experience here.

I picked, what seemed to be, as the easiest vegetables to attempt to grow in my little apartment.

  • Spring Onion
  • Onion
  • Garlic
  • Potatoes
  • Lettuce

Since I live in west Australia, where soil is notoriously poor and infertile, I did not have high expectations, but either way, I embarked on this journey excited.

Spring Onion

To regrow the spring onion, all you have to do is to cut 6cm above the roots and place it in a glass of water. The water should be changed often and eventually, once the spring onion sprouts, they can be transferred to soil. I decided not to transfer them to soil since they were flourishing in the water environment.

One month later : The spring onions ALL had grown to their original heights and had continued growing after frequent harvesting!


Cut around 3cm from the root. Plant  with the root down and water frequently.

One month later : A small growth emerged from the center of the onion! Not sure what it’s plan is next.


Take a garlic clove and plant it in soil, roots facing down.

One month later : There is a 10cm sprout coming from the garlic! Unsure of what will happen next.


Cut around 3cm of a potato, ensuring to leave at least 3 eyes in the skin. Leave the potato to dry out over night, before planting it with the eyes facing upwards.

One month later : Unknown


Cut 5cm from the bottom and leave in water. After several days when roots have sprouted replant into soil.

One month later : Dead

Overall, I haven’t magically become an extremely successful horticulturalist, but I have figured out that I never have to buy spring onion again!