eliminating co2 from stopping driving

I spent this week focusing on my transport choices : walking or taking the train instead of my car. So how much Carbon Dioxide did I save from going into the atmosphere this week? Have a look here.

Carbon Dioxide accounts for 81% for all the greenhouse emissions in the world, and from these 81% transportation accounts for 14%! While animal agriculture is one of the greatest contributors to climate change, the transportation sector is close behind. 71% of emissions from all forms of transport come from cars. Driving a car alone attributes to 127g of CO2 emitted per km. This is a stark contract to 18g emitted in an electric train, 60g in a diesel train, 89g on a bus or 170g on an airplane. Making the choice to therefore fill up your car with multiple people, chose the train or : best scenario : walk or bike is vital in contributing to decreasing your carbon footprint. I hope to do a comparison between the flight I could have taken and the 6,000km roadtrip I did late last year, to see which one ended up being better for the planet!