yoga for back pain sciatica my vegan experiment

youAs you guys know, a couple of months ago I started looking into yoga and stretches which should help decrease my sciatica pain. While I found the exercises a few months ago, and attempted to do them here and there I never truly committed. That is why I decided to do a two week long experiment to do yoga every morning and see how long it takes for my pain to go away.

I attempted to do the yoga poses specifically for back pain, along with some fluid motions in between. Until the fourth day, I felt extreme amounts of pain every time I tried to stretch out my back. I find it especially hard to bend over, or do any sort of movement where my legs extend.

Downwards Dog.

This first pose is simultaneously one of the most gratifying and painful at the same time. I have trouble keeping my back straight, in photos and videos it always looks curved. I remember as a young girl I was very insecure about how curvy my back was. Doctors were surprised I did not have a bad back because I grew around 30cm in two years. Apparently it remained healthy due to horse riding. Horse riding always promotes a healthy posture and has helped many people recovering from back pain for stronger back muscles.

Unforunately, or fortunately, I do not horse ride anymore. I haven’t had the funds or opportunity to in the past couple of years, and at the same time I have recently found out it is not vegan?

Head Stand

I am absolutely obsessed with head stands, the rush of blood to my head makes me feel energised and refreshed. I have just recently began enjoying not having my legs extended. It helps me balance better.

Pigeon Pose

The pigeon pose, or whatever it is called, has been one of the best hip openers. Every day I feel the progress bit by bit, suddenly this pose not hurting at all.

Yoga took only four days to take away the pain I had been feeling for 2.5 years. The key thing though, is to be consistent. If I stopped for a day or two, the pain would come back. So it has to become part of my daily routine!