We all have some motivation in our life, driving the choices we make. Whether those motivations have guided us to our jobs, our hobbies or even day to day decisions. Overall, I have found that there are three over arking motivations behind everything we do.

One is choices we make for our own bodies, our health.

The second is the desicions we base on our surroundings, our local and distant environments.

The third is based on our love of our family, peers and others around us.

Ideally we want to be making choices that benefit all three of these aspects, however as individuals we definitely have preferences. Since I was a little girl I was always mesmerized with nature. I would organize get togethers to clean the local creek, I would drag home every orphaned animal in hopes of raising it and loved spending time in the garden watching bugs, butterflies and blooming flowers.

This love of nature only increased during my first ever scuba dive, when the instructor handed me an octopus. We were 3m deep, on a plain sandy beach and there I was : holding something out of another planet. Since then, my obsession with the ocean has only grown. I achieved my goal of moving to Australia and becoming a scuba diving instructor.

In the eight years I was diving, I have seen the numbers of fish decrease, the coral being broken by anchors and now reports of the greatest bleachings in the world. Just like Captain Paul Watson, I firmly believe if the oceans die, we die. So I started to look for any way to try and help the ocean.

When someone recommened for me to watch Cowspiracy, I was sceptical. I had laughed at vegans so many times before, and here was yet another documentary made to explain the brutality of what animals go through. However, it wasn’t. Instead : it was a simple mathematical breakdown of how many resources we need to keep feeding our planet the way we are going. Considering I ate meat three times a day, I was stumped in my tracks. Can it be possible?

I transitioned from basically a carnivore to plant based.. and have now developed a program that can help anyone try plant based for 21 days and see for themselves how they feel!

All my efforts of ocean clean ups, reducing my driving, carpooling, changing lightbulbs and short showers were irrelevant if I continued eating meat? The environment convinced me to try alter my way of living. Is the environment YOUR priority?

The Environment

Whether you are living in Florida and experiencing the wrath of more frequent hurricanes, in the Alpine regions with glaciers melting faster than every before, in the amazon witnessing the daily deforestation or on any reef system which is bleaching, we are all experiencing climate change. The scientists have already warned us that we have surpassed the safe emount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, and we are most likely in the area of no return.

Just check out this little video if you like me, love the environment.

Stop Coal and Oil

I like to keep hoping that by rallying people together we can make a difference. Just remember what was happening in America with the Dakota pipeline or currently in Australia to #StopAdani.  People are speaking out against the corporations which are driven by money to try and stop coal and gas. People are realizing we cannot keep exhausting the worlds resources without serious reprecussions.

The Adani megamine has been given approval from the Federal government pledging $1bn of taxpayer dollars to go all in on coal, and kill renewables.

Join the fight on Saturday October 7th.

However, it goes beyond just the energy resources. I remember discussing renewables in sixth grade back in 2004. The money backing these giants is simply out of our reach.

What isn’t out of our reach?

The Animal Agriculture Industry

Unlike the energy sector, refusing to fund the animal agriculture sector is a relatively easy thing to do. Simply stop buying animal products. We live in a time where we simply cannot cut out all our energy needs : cars, electricity, heating, production of clothes, transport. We can however, change WHAT we eat.

The single greatest thing you can do for the environment is to stop eating meat.

It is our responsibility as priviledged people to make this choice and vote with our wallets. If you’re still not convinced, just check out how beef truly effects our climate. The key point here is : EVERY time you chose a vegetarian meal, a vegan meal, you are making a huge difference for our planet. Try meat free mondays, try expanding your range of foods through this enormous list of yummy easy vegan options.

The Health

Many people I have met, either saw my change in weight and energy, or were simply curious about the physical impacts of decreasing meat intake. Even the WHO has come out with studies showing meat is carcinogenic. There is no suprise that people are considering alternative options.

Our body is our only vessel on this earth, so it makes sense that we want to take care of it to the best of our abilities. Unfortunately the information available seems to be continually changing : eggs are good, eggs are bad, oil is good, oil is bad. However, while the environment is the reason I eliminated animal products, my bodies reaction is the reason I am sticking to it.

Eating plant based foods has an enormous list of benefits including : better digestion, decreased risk of cardiovascular diseases, lower risk of cancer, diabetes, arthritis, obesity. It also promotes protective gut bacteria loweing the chances of colon cancer, and in general prolonged healthy life.

If you care about your health, I am certain you are doing a lot to take care of it. Maybe some of these behaviours will be familiar :

Do you pay attention to what  you eat? Do you try eating a balanced diet or atleast, what was taught to you in schools as a balanced diet? What if I told you the reason your schools and doctors (who dont have more than a couple of hours of compulsory nutrition courses) reccomend dairy simply because the dairy industry has payed for it?

Just check out the “Secret Reason We Eat Meat ” and you can learn a lot more about why meat has actually been introduced in our diets for the past 50-100 years. Its not because of health.

The Sickness In The West

Obesity, diabetes, arthritis, hip fractures are all increasing every year in a direct relationship with how much meat and dairy people consume. Particularily in the western world. Even though people in asia live mainly off of rice (which is considered a simple and bad carb) they arent the ones over weight or struggling with heart disease.

Its the places with large amounts of dairy and meat snuck into their diets. The west is suffering from what was known in the olden days as the rich mens disease. Since only the kings could dare gorge on meat every day. They also payed with it with their health.

Maybe the next step of evolution is the vegan diet?

But.. We evolved to eat meat?

Feel free to check out this post where I go into the history of human diet evolution. It is true, we did evolve to eat meat. However, was it 3 times a day from enormous commercial factory farms? Or was it one truly bio cow?

Speaking of these commercial farms.. We have come to my last point of motivation. The point that we all like to brush under the carpet.

Why do we love our dog and eat a pig? Why is it inapropriate to eat a horse in America while its fine in France? Could we really eat animals if we were to kill them ourselves?

The Animals

If you consider yourself an animal lover, if you love your pet dog and if you squeal at cute videos of pigs, are you being true to yourself if you continue to eat meat and dairy?

Many vegetarians give the excuse that no animals die for dairy, however the exact oppositve is true. The dairy industry in reality is far more brutal than the meat industry. In the beef industry a cow is born, fed and slaughtered. In the dairy industry, it is born : if its a boy its killed for veal, and if its a girl its future is that of a milk cow. Cows only produce milk if they are pregnant, so farmers artificially inseminate and keep their dairy cows pregnant around the clock. As soon as the cow gives birth, its baby is torn away so it cant drink the milk which is made for humans (?). This cycle continues until the cow can no longer stand due to exhaustion, at which point its sent to be slaughtered for meat anyway. There is a truly fantastic five minute video named Dairy is Scary, that I urge you to watch if you’re still on the fence about cheese.

But I love Cheese.

Cheese? Is one of the most addictive substances in the world, because it contains opiates. Why? This was made so the baby animal would continue drinking the milk to ensure it continues to grow. For humans who have absolutely no reason to drink another species milk (seriously, would you drink dogs milk?) it becomes an addiction. This is one of the reasons it took me 6 months to quit cheese!


If you love animals, or the planet or even your health, you will make the choice to stop giving money to the animal agriculture industry. Its a superpower that depends on our dollars.

What are your thoughts? Let me know down below. I truly believe that whatever your motivation, one of these will resonate with you.

Join the 21 day vegan challenge to see how you feel after three weeks of eating plant based!