It has been a while since I posted my health and fitness progress. This is partially due to the last few weeks of University and moving house!

I have a very exciting trip coming up which I will be documenting through a new youtube series.

Vegan Voyage! Coast to Coast up on Youtube now :

I will be documenting as I attempt to remain on a healthy vegan diet, while travelling across Australia for a month. During the trip, I will be stopping to do scuba diving and visiting friends with a final destination of Perth by December 10th.


Weight :     62 kg – Since my lasts fitness update, a while ago I know, I have lost 1 kg! Wooh! According to my doctor a couple of years ago for my height and build 62kg is my ideal body weight.

Energy levels : 8/10 –I have been in a car the past couple of days driving from Brisbane to Sydney. I have driven the entire distance ( minus 100km) and haven’t felt sleepy once. I also went for a dive and have been feeling extremely energised. This is of course, until around 9pm when I fall asleep like a log.

Happiness Levels : 9/10 – University is done! Holidays are upon me and I have nothing but three months of roadtrips, travel, diving and skiing in front of me!


I have been attempting to spend some time working on Yoga. This is due to my Sciatica and backpain. Sciatica describes the symptoms of leg pain originating in the lower back and travelling through the buttocks down the large sciatic nerve. I have been suffering from this pain for around two years. I have went to many doctors who all blamed different things : trauma, posture or shoes. No one was really able to provide with me a solution. The exercises the physio prescribed somewhat alleviated the pain but it kept reoccuring.

One of my good friends Nat, who works as a Yoga Instructor at Wholeycow Verbier suggested I practise yoga to help strengthen and loosen my lower back. She suggested these three exercises and encouraged me to do a little set in the morning : just when my body is stiff from waking up and just before bed, after a long day of activity.

King Pigeon Position / Swan pose / Hip Stretch

This pose always makes me feel a release in my lower back.

With your left leg out behind bring your right foot towards the left hip. Bring your right foot forward as well, until your heel is in line with your left hip and your shin is at about a 45-degree angle.  I was recommended 2 minutes with each leg. I have a little bit of work to do ensuring my back leg remains straight!



Simple Seated Twist

Trying to describe yoga poses is extremely complicated, but I find having a beautiful view definitely helps.


Modified Gomukhasana

For this one, I put my right leg over my left thigh and move my torso until I feel a slight stretch from left to right.


I have been feeling a little better until disaster struck yesterday. I whipped my hair (back and forth) as one does when coming out of the shower. All of a sudden I had shooting pain on the right side of my neck and back. I had managed to strain the muscles for them to go into shock and clamp up around my spine. 12 hours later, many hot water bottles and gentle exercises, my back still feels painful and sore. This experience has taught me even more the importance of healthy sitting and standing positions. My goal for the next few weeks is to practising yoga every day to try and soothe my back pain. After all, I am only 22, I feel I should not be experiencing this much drama.