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So its July. How have your new years resolutions been going? Still waking up early? Eating well? Working out?

If not, fear not.

This middle of the year challenge can set you back on track.

Don’t do it for yourself, but do it for the planet. Plastic Free July.

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plastic free july my vegan experiment

Yes we are taking a little break from learning about the vegan diet, mainly because this year is making me realise that veganism is so much more. It’s about reducing harm to animals. And considering nowadays new reports of sea life dying because of plastic pollution… This plastic free challenge falls right under the umbrella of veganism.

Turtles consume plastic because they think its jellyfish, algae begins to grow on micro plastics and gets consumed by just about anything in the ocean, any small fish are then eaten by bigger fish and tadaaa dolphins have plastic in their bellies. If you are curious more about this topic, here are a few cool/sad things to check out.

The amount of plastic in the ocean is astounding, and you’ve already heard my rants.. or read them here. The hard truth is even with many beach clean ups there are still millions of pieces of plastic going into the oceans. The truth is, we need to stop it at the source. We need to create the social movement to stop the creation of plastic. Yes I sit here and type that on my plastic keyboard so I will ammend my comment. We need to eliminate single use plastics.

This includes :

  • Straws
  • Bags
  • Bottles
  • Packaging

Our grandparents did not have any of these things and they lived happily, why not substitute it with biodegradable or reusable options? Price. That is what it comes down to. I just recently had someone comment on my videos that while they would love to take the plastic free route, they chose to save money to pay off their student debts. Can I fault them? No. This is how society has put us in a trap. If we do want to buy things which are better for us and the planet, we need to spend more money and that should not be the case! The only solution I see is to go completely off the grid. Live in a forest. That’s not very viable though. I like my laptop.

Before we tackle the enormous extistential sized problems, why not just deal with the local small ones we can control. Like these quick and easy substitutions from single use plastic to eco friendly products.