Growing up in France means there was a minimum of four different cheeses in my fridge at any given time. Breakfasts were savoury, desserts were cheese. You would eat cheese on top of pasta, inside pasta, on baguette, crackers, salads and on its own. When I started transitioning to a vegan life style, I was convinced : I could give up anything except cheese.

Yet here I am 6 months later with a fridge void of any dairy products. I now crinkle my nose at cows milk and only sometimes dream of french cheese. Since the love of cheese is so deeply ingrained into my being, I decided I must at least try some of the vegan options provided.

While I usually avoid fake meats, tofu and prefer to stay with whole fruits and vegetables, I had to admit I was intrigued by the variety of vegan cheese I found at the local IGA. I decided to taste test several. So here is my first Vegan Taste Test. Check out the video here!

So lets get started.

I got Brie, Mozzarella, Cheddar and Nutcheese.

 Green Vie Cheddar

Green Vie Cheddar has a bitter after taste, cheddar like composition and bad melting ability. I have used it on a couple of sandwiches and lasagnas, and always walk away disappointed. At $6 dollars for 250g, it is one of the cheapest options out there. While mildly better than Bio Cheese, it is definitely not worth spending money on.

Green Vie Mozzarella

While Australian ‘Mozzarella’ is nowhere near the deliciousness of fresh, moist European Mozzarella, this vegan alternative is fantastic. It has an extremely mild taste and melts to perfection. I have incorporated the vegan mozzarella into lasagna, savoury crepe, toasties and toppings for cheese. It melts perfectly, has no bitter after taste and costs $6.

Sprout and Kernel Treenut Cheese with Peppercorn

Every has always been raving about cashew cheese, so when I saw this Treenut cheese I had to try it. Sprout and Kernel have a large range of cashew nut options : peppercorn, chives, herbs and aged. This time I tried the peppercorn cashew trees. It was absolutely delicious! Did it taste great? Yes! Did it taste like cheese? No.

If I were to compare it to anything, it would be a chicken pate with peppercorns. Its creamy, smooth, fat filled and yummy.

Damona Brie

The next cheese I tasted was what Damona claims to be vegan Brie. Is it Brie? Not at all, in the slightest. The consistency of this vegan brie is not the usually creamy inside and a white surroundings. It is extremely salty and makes for an excellent spreadable white cheese. Reminiscent of white cream cheese with herbs and chives in it in France. While I definitely do not think this is at all a Brie cheese, it is a fantastic salty base for sandwiches. The 130g of Brie cheese came to a total of 11$, so on the pricey side.

Overall, I think the only one I will be purchasing again is the mozzarella. Good value for money, great taste and fantastic melting capabilities.