I don’t know how often you scroll facebook, instagram or other social media platforms. But recently, I have been seeing BOSH videos more and more. Always showing some scrumptious looking meal. So I decided, why not try the Guacamole Onion Rings.

Guacamole Onion Rings

To start off with, you will need

  • 1 onion
  • 1 bowl of guacamole. The recipe to my favourite one can be found here.

Once you’ve sliced the onion into rings, you fill each one with guacamole and then place it in the freezer for a couple of hours.

vegan guacamole onion rings

Once you take the onion rings out, they will be hard and ready for the next step. Careful though! They do melt relatively quickly, therefore this step needs to be hasty.

What you need to do is crumb them : They way I do it is I dip the ring in flour, then chickpea juice and finally roll it around in breadcrumbs. At this point you are meant to drop it into a vat of bubbling oil. However, I tried to eliminate some of the oil, and instead, attempted to fry the onion rings on a pan. I generally am not a huge fan of oil and you can read all about that here.

While this technique might make the final result marginally healthier, it did make several of my masterpieces fall apart.

vegan onion guacamole rings

So out of a full onion, there were only 3 or four pieces which were mildly presentable to the public or guests. It did taste delicious though, so non of the deformed once went to waste.

vegan guacamole onion ring

I decided to pair it with my new favourite sauce : The Byron bay sauce : Chilli, curry and ginger. While these sauces are slightly pricey, they taste exquisite.

The second meal I high light in today’s video, is a play on a salad one of my dear friends Amelie introduced me too. Basically, all you need is anything you have in your fridge. In my case : chickpeas, avocado, tomatoes, cucumber with some sunflower seeds to top it off. The salad can be paired with any sauce, however personally, I enjoy drizzling some lemon over the top. Simple, and healthy. Todays two meals or snacks, are truly polar opposites of each other. One is healthy and filled with nutrients, while the other one is a potential oil bomb in your face.

Either way, I think these two meals prove that meatless mondays, and indeed a plant based life style is extremely diverse and delicious. Just one of the benefits of deciding to become powered by plants. What have your favourite meals been this week?