One of the staple Vegan meals I’ve always seen in restaurants are curries. Strong flavoured sauces, swimming in a variety of vegetables supplemented with rice. While I prefer brown or black rice, due it being a longer lasting energy source, white rice is just as delicious.
For this curry, I was on the road. This means, if I am able to cook this up on a portable van gas stove, there is absolutely no excuse not to try it at home!
Veggies cooking!

Veggies cooking!

I cheated a little bit by buying green curry paste. This one I found in Coles and made sure that it did not contain any animal products.
To start off with, I began cooking my rice, for anyone who knows me, knows I desperately struggle to cook rice so I will not give any advice concerning that. I need to invest in a rice cooker.
For vegetables, I chose to stick to the green theme. This means the meal will be iron and vitamin C rich.
– Green Beans
– Zucchini
– Broccoli
– Mushroom
Coconut milk being added to the simmering vegetables

Coconut milk being added to the simmering vegetables

I put the ‘hard’ veggies in the pan with two spoons of the green curry and cooked for around 10 minutes.
PRO-TIP : No need to over cook them, if you leave them just a little bit crunchy it adds a refreshing contrast to the creamy sauce.
I then added the mushrooms until they browned, and poured a jar of coconut milk over the top. The mixture simmered for another 10 minutes and tada! Easy vegan green curry ready to eat! The creaminess of the coconut makes up for any dairy cravings for sure.a
Easy Vegan Green Curry

Easy Vegan Green Curry!