80 billion new items of clothing are sold each year, resulting in a similar number to be discarded. That is an increase of 400% just in the past twenty years. This increase is attributed to the lowering of prices of clothes, due to foreign labour with almost slave wages. There is a fascinating documentary named “The True Cost” that I would highly recommend watching. A free version here.

Is fashion worth adding to the enormous amount of waste, pollution and strain on our planet? The yearly trends a requirement to keep buying and throwing out perfectly good items of clothing?

What about those items you are merely tired of wearing? That have a stain, or a rip?

I decided to take this week to learn several different methods of giving my old clothes : new life. I am a horrible sewing-machine-less sewer. (sewist?).

All I have is some bad scissors and the internet to attempt and make something new out of these two t-shirts and 2 tank tops.

There are so many different things that can be made from old clothes, from cloth rags from cleaning, bags and animal blankets. Working with your hands to create something new is both therapeutic for the mind, but also good for the earth.

So here is a detailed look at my four DIY

Bohemiam Old Shirt Frilly Bag

Take an old T-shirt and create a produce, laundry or random things bag.

Step 1 : Lay the shirt on its side and cut off the arms and neck off the Tshirt.

Step 2 : Take the bottom of the t shirt and cut it into thin strips.

Step 3: Tie the strips from the back with their corresponding strips from the back of the shirt to create a tassel effect.

This set of steps makes the bag much longer and creates a durable yet stylish edge!

Single Tie Bag

This is a four step, simple bag to make in under 5 minutes! This bag ends up being smaller due to the knot on the inside, so it ends up as the perfect shopping fruit bag!

Step 1 : Lay the shirt on its side and cut off the arms and neck off the Tshirt.

Step 2: Cut off the bottom seam off the T-shirt.

Step 3 : Turn the shirt inside out!

Step 4 : Use the seam to tie the bottom of the shirt tightly. Then turn it the right side out!

Wrap Around Crop Top

This was an old tank top which was starting to get worn out and losing its nice shape. I therefore decided to cut it up and create something new!

Step 1 : Cut the seams of the tank top up until the desired crop top length.

Step 2 : Cut across the tank top to remove the back panel.

Step 3: Turn the top around and cut straight down the middle. (Ensure you do not cut the back like I did.)

Step 4: Wrap the two long pieces of fabric around your body and tie it behind your back.