But meat is delicious Isn’t it?

Not too long ago, around September 2015, I was a full on omnivore. I definitely enjoyed consuming vast amounts of animal products.

Steak? Yes please.

Chicken? Milk? Eggs? Meatballs? Shnitzel? Lamb Souvlaki?

All yes, and very much all of it.

meat cravings

animal products. yum?

This is something most people who meet me now don’t understand. Just this weekend, I was staying at a hotel and was asked

“Why would you encourage men to not eat meat?”

This suggesting that eating meat is natural, the proper way of our body.

I always believed this to be true as well, after all the hunter gatherer lifestyle and evolution of human beings have seen us hunt, raise and cook meat. I will get a bit more into the evolution of human diet in another post coming soon.


Delicious non-animal foods.

What I know for now, is from my personal experience from September last year to now. It has now been 9 months since I have given up most animal products and I have never felt better.

In the first week I was Vegetarian, I ate meat every day. This is because I forgot. I accidentally ordered something in a restaurant, subconsciously put a slice of ham in my mouth while peeking into the fridge or went over to a friends place and ate a meal. I did eventually begin focusing on it and after this initial forgetfulness, I found it easy to maintain a meatless diet. This relates a lot to the motivation behind changing lifestyle. Again, I will write a more detailed post about my experiences there shortly.

Have I wanted to eat meat?

Now, when I walk through the supermarket, farmers market or past a butcher nothing happens. I have absolutely zero desire to walk and pick some meat. I do not believe this is solely the result of Vegan propaganda. I see this everywhere, referring to meat as corpses “putrefying” in our stomachs, eggs being chicken periods and milk the killer of calves.  I believe this has something to do with our bodies natural way of communicating with our brain, telling us what we are ‘craving’ or therefore have a deficiency in.

I find this example easier to understand when looking at plants in a rain forest. These vast networks of plants communicate through their roots to decipher which nutrients are required for the Rainforest to prosper as a whole. When one plant is shaded and therefore cannot photosynthesise, a neighbour will send them carbon-based sugar. Some more information about plant communication here. The interconnected lives of plants, animals and various organisms create complex habitats with a myriad of requirements.


Fungal communication network between plants.

A similar example can be seen in domesticated cats and dogs. When a cat begins eating grass or when a dog sometimes their own poop this shows that there is something amiss in their digestive system. These behaviours correct the problems. After cats eat grass, they regurgitate, this allows their digestive tract to clear any indigestible substances that may have been there, for example hair, bones and feathers. The cat therefore feels better. Some veterinarians have suggested that dogs eat poop to replenish enzymes so they are better capable of digesting their food. This is especially true in dogs who are fed the standard hard biscuit diet, since these modern diets have far less animal protein and much more carbohydrates and plant proteins.

How do these topics of plants, cats and dogs relate to why meat tasted so delicious yet I have not had the urge to eat it?

One of the reasons I have come up with is, my body simply does not want it. It does not want it because it does not need it.

While something was telling the dog it needs more enzymes, one would think something would tell our body we need the animal based proteins?

So why do we get Meat Cravings?

If as a vegetarian or vegan, we do not need meat, why do some people experience meat cravings? The answer is simple, those people are suffering from lowered iron levels. The bodies natural response to that is to ask for some immediate iron input. If you haven’t read my previous nutrition blog post about iron deficiency for vegetarians and vegans, the diet the person with the meat craving was simply not eating enough vegetable based iron.

I have felt energised, lighter, happier and over all healthier in the past 9 months. I have been careful to eat a sufficient amount of vegetable based iron. I do not quite understand all the implications of eradicating meat and animal products in my diet, but so far my body is agreeing with my decision.

Then again, this is why I am doing the Vegan Experiment. Let me know if you have had these experiences?