Alexis is a genius in her own right, she one day decided to seek a plastic free life which has embarked her on a long (and difficult) journey since. Now her and Josephine (from Rogue Gone Vogue) have amounted over 700,000 views on Youtube on their various Zero Waste tips. What an incredible way to spread the message! I was lucky enough to get to know Alexis and write guest posts on each others websites. You can check mine out right here.

When you’re at the beginning of any habit, things can seem like an uphill battle that you’ll never overcome. When I first decided to go plastic free, I remember spending an afternoon on a rainy day holed up with my computer and researching everything I possibly could. Each new suggestion for alternatives excited me and slightly freaked me out. Most of that afternoon was spent yelling at my computer: “I didn’t even know that even HAD plastic in it!!!” The next few months were all about experimenting, failing, perfecting, and getting more and more obsessed. For me, I loved diving in the deep end and doing it imperfectly until I got closer to where I wanted to be.

This lifestyle can be hard to get used to: it’s all about changing your consumption habits, slowing down, re-evaluating your priorities and allocating your time differently. I can’t even keep track anymore of how many times I’ve heard: “Oh, zero waste is just so incompatible with my lifestyle. I only have time to shop on the way home from work, I don’t have any bulk stores nearby, I’m not good at making things from scratch, I could never give up frozen pizza…” etc etc etc! And I totally get that. When you’ve spent your life doing things one way, it’s scary and uncomfortable to change your habits all in one go.

I just want to emphasise strongly: just because you can’t do it all, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do any of it. If you don’t feel like you can go fully vegan at once like the brave Katt did – why not integrate plant-based food into your diet in dribs and drabs?(Six months vegan now!!) If you don’t feel like you can zero waste from one day to the next – why not start with swearing off plastic bottles and bags? And then, when that’s a part of your routine, trying some zero waste swaps like making your own cleaning products, or trying out the bulk store. I all but guarantee that as you go on with these small switches and as you read and learn more about the issues we’re facing today, you’ll be ready to tackle the bigger things.

Katt has amazing resources on her blog for recipes, easy swaps and cool experiments. Why don’t you start by committing to trying just three of her recipes. Just three! Then maybe, seeing as you’re on her page already – why not read some of her articles about the impact of plastic in our oceans. And maybe you can pledge to give up three items of plastic this week. Just three! An easy, nonthreatening number ;). We might not feel like we’re making a difference right away – but that’s three fewer pieces of plastic than you might have otherwise consumed and that’s a big deal!

With all the information out there and the visibility of high profile “zero wasters”, it’s really easy to look at these amazing people and say “well I’ll never be able to do that, I’ll never be able to be fully vegan, I’ll never be able to be fully zero waste”. Hey! It’s better to be 80%, or even 50% vegan and zero waste as opposed to the lifestyle you were living before. Don’t discredit the small gains – they’re important to the journey and they’re essential to making a dent in this inherently consumption-driven lifestyle we’re pushed towards these days.

So just remember: every piece, every meal, every decision – they make a difference. Even small steps move you forward.

~ Written by The Lovely Alexis Mcgivern from ~