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Thank you for stopping by and having a look at my year long Vegan Experiment.

My name is Katt Andryskova and I am an ever curious adventurer and environmentalist.

Happy Healthy Powered by Plants

I have been fascinated by the growing Vegan movement over the past several months. The more articles I read and videos I watched, the more I played with the idea of transitioning to a plant based diet. Amongst many informative pieces, Veganism is followed by an enormous stigma and overwhelming volumes of jokes.

As someone analytical, I wanted to take a more methodical approach to weed out prejudice and find out results for myself.

Might Veganism be a sustainable solution to the problems this world is facing in respect to food, water shortages?

Are our bodies better adapted to digesting plants in contrast to animal products? 

Can a diet really change a lifestyle?

Through the process of immersing myself in Vegan Culture, following a plant based diet and conducting research and interviews with specialists in these fields I hope to find the answers to these questions.


I am originally from the Czech Republic, grew up travelling Europe and moved to Australia in 2012. Since then, I have studied Physics and worked as a Scuba Diving instructor in Brisbane.

Scuba Diving has made me fall in love with the nature all over again. Here in Australia, we have been blessed with the greatest biodiversity in the reefs just off of our shores. These reefs are now endangered by the pollution, increasing temperatures and we are witnessing the greatest coral bleach ever recorded.

If Veganism can be part of a solution to our global environmental problems, improve the health of individuals while bringing people a greater respect for the animals and our only earth.

I thought

“Why not give it a try?”

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